Friday, March 30, 2007

Blogging is a Game of Inches (well, more word count, I guess)

Well, here we are, on the threshold of (with apologies to Branch Rickey) “the Noble Experiment”: instead of breaking the color barrier in baseball, however, this experiment involves the incorporation of blogging into my composition classroom. I am aware that it is quite possible that the results may fall short of my hopes for the sense of community and sense of process that blogging can engender; I also am confident that there will be technological hiccups along the way (as of this moment, I am not sure of how often we can count on having laptops in our Friday classes, or—for that matter—how many laptops we will have access to). Nonetheless, I am hopeful that the rewards will far outnumber the difficulties. Besides, this practice promises to be a lot of fun. I look forward to reading the weekly musings of all of the students, whether they expound upon the heartaches and the triumphs of the Cincinnati Reds, recount the trials of being a nursing student, or explain the never-ending pursuit of cold, hard cash.

So here we go, a group foray into the wild virtual world of web logging. A good place to start will be to brainstorm ideas for the many directions our weekly entries can take. Remember that we should open our blogs up to consider other people’s experiences, other news stories—anything that in some way relates to our topics. Blogs can go anywhere and do not necessarily have to relate to the papers we are writing. A good idea for a first blog would be to introduce the blog and explain what you hope to say in it over the quarter.

Good luck and good words!

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